Is Triple J climate-controlled?

Yes, all of our indoor facilities are equipped with heat and air conditioning. 

When can I come in for a tour and what are Triple J's office hours?

We certainly hope you will want to visit Triple J soon. While our office hours are Monday through Friday between 9:00 am and 5:00
pm, we offer guided property visits by appointment only Monday through Friday between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm, subject to the event
schedule. Site visits are not scheduled on weekends or during other events.
You can call 336-753-6388 or email to schedule your private tour!

Does Triple J have exclusive caterers that we must work with/Can I bring my own food?

For A La Carte Weddings you are required to work with a caterer from our Approved Caterers list. For The Inclusive Packages we
work exclusively with Providence Catering. .

Does Triple J have a preferred vendors list and am I required to use them for my event?

Outside of the above requirements for caterers, you are welcome to work with any vendor of your choice. We have a curated list of
recommendations sorted by category that we would be happy to share with you once you book, though!

Does Triple J include time and space for a ceremony rehearsal?

A two-hour rehearsal is offered complimentary, although it is not guaranteed to be the night before the wedding day or in the same
ceremony space. We confirm the day and time two weeks prior to the wedding date based on our event schedule.

Do I need an on-site coordinator?

While Triple J does not have on-site coordinators, we do have friendly and dedicated venue staff available the day of your event. The
event staff will check in vendors, greet guests, provide janitorial services and make sure the venue is in prime condition. With that
being said, we do recommend that you have an on-site coordinator to help your schedule run smoothly.

Is security required for my event?

On-site security, contracted by Triple J, is required with all bar services, unless otherwise agreed upon.

Can I bring my own alcohol?

By choosing the Corkage Bar you are able to bring in your own beer and wine. Please see our Bar Service Packages for more details.

Where will my guests park?

We have ample on-site parking for guests. 

Who will set up the event space?

Our on-site venue staff will set up all items provided in your package or subsequently rented through Triple J. Set up of rental items
from outside vendors or client-provided equipment is the responsibility of the client/vendor.

Does Triple J allow decorations?

Yes! We welcome decorations such as flowers, candles and uplighting. We do not allow anything to be applied to the walls or building
that will cause damage. Triple J also has a selection of decor packages and tabletop rentals.

What type of music is permitted?

We encourage DJ services or live musicians - both work well on our property!

Can I have a photo shoot at Triple J (engagements/bridals)?

We would love to have you and your photographer for a Triple J photo shoot! This would be scheduled based on our calendar of events
and during our regular office hours. Note that spaces are not guaranteed to be clean and clear or set in a particular way unless we
contract our staff to do so at a minimum hourly charge.

Can I bring my dog to Triple J?

We are happy to have your furry family members on-site! Please know that dog(s) must be leashed at all times, dog waste must be
properly picked up and disposed of, and you must provide up-to-date vaccination records 30 days prior to the Event Date.
Additionally, dog(s) must be brought on-site by an individual who is not a guest and taken off-site after photos and/or their ceremony

When does my event need to end?

Per the standard contract, your reception must conclude by 11:00 pm, but your free + clear time when all vendors, guests, and items
are to be off-site is at midnight.

After my event is over, who is responsible for clean-up?

Your team of on-site venue staff would take care of general janitorial services and the removal of Triple J furnishings and rentals. You
would only be responsible for cleaning up and removing décor, gifts, and personal items before the free and clear time.

When do I have to pay/What is the first payment/Is there a required deposit?

The first payment, amount depending on the package and venue you choose, and your $500 refundable deposit is due when you turn
in your signed contract – this makes your event official! Other payments you may have will be due throughout the planning process.
Don’t worry, your payment schedule will be laid out on the first page your contract for your ease and quick reference!