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A question we hear quite often from our Triple J couples is, "Should I hire a day of coordinator?" In case you are wondering, YES! This is a vendor we will always recommend. Here are 5 reasons you need a day of coordinator for your wedding day!


When your wedding day arrives, it is time for you and your partner to relax and let all of your dreams come alive. The vendors you've selected are bringing your designs to life, but - there's always a but - they have questions. There will always be questions, especially if some of your vendors are not super familiar with the venue! Instead of providing them with your mother's contact or even worse, yours, they can contact your day of coordinator.

While you are in the bridal suite, the last thing you want to be worrying about is if your wedding cake has been delivered yet. Day of coordinators are meant to be there in your corner the weeks leading up to the wedding (some even a month or two before!) to ensure all of your timelines align together and that all your vendors are on the same page.


Checklists and timelines can be intimidating. There, I said it. It is a lot to do by yourself! One of a day of coordinators main duties is to keep everything organized and on track leading up to your wedding day!

When the music cues and the ceremony processional begins, someone needs to ensure that the wedding party is keeping an even pace as they head down the aisle. Orchestrating the flow of ceremony and making sure you get down the aisle (and have tissues for Dad!) is just another box that a day of coordinator would check off for you!


Troubleshooting on the wedding day is something that you may not plan for, putting out "fires" is a challenging part of any event.

- When family portraits are taking place and no one can find Grandma Judy

- When hair + makeup is running behind and the timeline needs a little wiggle room

- When your guests have had a few too many signature cocktails and are struggling to line up for your grand exit

All of these scenarios are perfect opportunities for your day of coordinator to swoop in and save the day! Our trusted day of coordinator vendor pals have saved so many couples from metaphorical fires that they weren't even aware were happening. Preserving the client's happiness and experience is a coordinator's number one priority!


In scenarios where your venue may be "flipping" the space from ceremony to reception in cases of weather or design planning, your day of coordinator would review the layout as it's being brought to life before them. While the venue team is setting their provided items, your coordinator can be lighting the candles you picked out yourself, placing your custom drink koozies on the bar, arranging your hand-painted table numbers and ensuring your design vision is brought to life.


It's quite often we hear vendors on the event day mention how grateful they are that there was a coordinator on site keeping it all together! Wedding vendors become a family on the wedding day and having someone in charge making sure that everything flows seamlessly for everyone is always guaranteed to make the wedding a better experience for all parties involved!

Photos: Dawn Marie Photos

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