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Get to Know Triple J Manor House

History of the Manor House

Triple J was originally built as a residential home in the 1800’s, from there it became Dee’s antique shop, and in 2015 the Junker family bought the property. They spent tireless hours renovating the space while working full time jobs to open what is now known as Triple J Manor House. In the spring of 2020 Sterling Spaces took over management to partner with the Junkers for Triple J to reach its full potential.

100 years ago, this property was owned by the Holton family. The property joins the Boone track where Daniel Boone trapped 100 bears in one winter on Bear Creek. Daniel Boone, Squire Boone’s son, had borrowed some money from a Holton son. Before Daniel paid him back, he fled town to Kentucky. Holton got so angry that he tracked him down on horse and got his money back.

Many years later Bill Junker found himself owning the surrounding land with the house in the middle. Once he bought the land with the Manor house, he had to decide what to do. Initially he wanted to burn the house down and the fire department was on board as it was a perfect house for training newcomers. However, after speaking with the community and reflecting on the rich history and character the house holds, it ultimately felt like a sin to burn it down. Instead with his family behind him, he turned this old home into something of value.

The front of the house is as original as possible, while from the rear on is a complete addition. Bill’s favorite part of the property is the Knoll. The Knoll was discovered while cleaning up the property and to their surprise, the perfect outside ceremony space appeared.

Why is it named Triple J you ask? Well, there is a lot of meaning behind the name. The Junker family moved to Mocksville in 1945 and began building businesses. The three J’s represents Bill and his 2 sons. He takes a lot of pride in his family and the businesses they continue to invest in throughout the Mocksville community.

In 2020 there was a need for change as the venue was fast growing. Bill had known Wayne Thomas for many years and witnessed what he did at the WinMock at Kinderton property, as well as for the county. He said, “It was unreal, and I saw the capabilities that both Wayne and his team at Sterling brought to anything they did.” Bill is extremely proud to partner with Sterling Spaces in this continued endeavor.

Our Venue

Our venue is natural, timeless, and intimate, it is truly a blank canvas for whatever vision you have for your event. Throughout our property there are gems that create a variety of unique aesthetics. We have custom bars, farm tables, live edge tables with bar stools for our porch, a wonderful arbor on the knoll, and lots of fun rentals!

At Triple J we are dedicated to making your experience the best it can be. Our staff is inspired by each event and goes above and beyond to make your dreams a reality. We are excited as we continue to invest in this property by beginning more renovations this month to the kitchen, storage space, and porch. All these renovations are to improve the functionality of the space and add to the ease of hosting any event here.

If you are interested in booking an event, please complete an inquiry form and we would be happy to connect!

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