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Meet our Inclusive Caterer, Providence

We, Sterling Spaces, have been partners with Providence Catering for 10 years. While they not only have amazing food, they also have a story and purpose behind what makes Providence who they are.

Chef Bacon went from serving time in prison, to fueling his passion of serving others by creating a program that finds lasting employment in the food industry. Their work through the Second Harvest food bank provides culinary, hospitality, and life skills training, with their motto being, “changing lives one recipe at a time.” By choosing Providence, you are giving back to the Second Harvest food bank, as well as, the Providence Culinary Training kitchen & classrooms. Plus, with the wide variety of food to choose from on their menu, there is something for everyone.

Through booking our Inclusive package and partnering with Providence, you also get the opportunity to join a tasting experience. This experience allows you to attend a group tasting at the Providence Manor House in Tanglewood. Current clients from Triple J and WinMock get to meet and taste together! Since it is a group tasting, you are able to try more food than if you were to have a private tasting. Multiple hors d'oeuvres, 2 salads, 2 entrees with sides, and a few desserts to help you decide on the menu for your special event.

To learn more about Providence and their mission, click the link below!

Top picture: Kelsie Johanna Photography

Bottom pictures: Megan Travis Photography

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